Why should anyone learn Graphology?

Author: Namita Joshi
Date: 19th September 2023

Since time immemorial, humans have been obsessed with knowing the future. We are not good at dealing with uncertainty and are always looking for ways through which we can predict the future, because certainty gives security. Ironically, the most secure people are also the ones who are the most “bored” with their lives, as they often feel like something is missing in their life. The truth is, we’ve all heard of the secret to creating our own destiny, but we just weren’t told to take it seriously. The secret is, “Your destiny is in your hands.”

There is no past or future without the present. We can’t know where we’re going, unless we know where we come from either. This makes it critical for us to understand our past, which is a representation of the earliest code that formed the basis for our mental and emotional constitution. Our personality is the software program that is running our operating system. But like any software, there will be bugs and viruses that need fixing. Only then can the software be upgraded. Now imagine if you had a tool that showed you how you were coded, and where your bugs and viruses are. Graphology is one such tool! Our handwriting has also been called “Brainwriting” for this very reason. It represents this coding and software.

The day you learn to read your code, you start waking up. You start seeing the patterns that have been flowing as undercurrents and influencing every approach you’ve taken, every decision you’ve made, and every feeling you’ve felt. Once you know where an issue stems from, it also gives you the power to change it. Isn’t that powerful? This is why learning graphology is like having a talking mirror. A buddy that gives you feedback on you! It empowers you to truly take the wheel of your life and navigate it in the direction of your chosen dreams and aspirations. If you don’t have a destination, it will also be that reliable GPS system that helps you explore life in meaningful ways. We start understanding ourselves, and we begin embracing uncertainty. You know what that does?

It allows an immense sense of peace to flow in. Contrary to what people imagine, after learning graphology, we start to understand others better instead of judging them. When we understand the process of how our own battles and demons came into being, the mind and heart open up, allowing an expanse of acceptance to start seeping in. This naturally opens up our heart to others as well. We form a better relationship with ourselves, due to which our relationships with others also take a better shape and form. The process must be trusted and allowed a natural course of time.

We often believe things to be real and tangible only if we can touch and feel them. What’s more real and tangible than the code flowing from your mind, through your hands, to the tip of your pen? Isn’t that reason enough for anyone to try out this beautiful and empowering tool?

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