How does Graphology help with Parenting?

Author: Madhura Panse
Date: 19th September 2023

“Graphology helps me figure out my own style of parenting, allowing me to become a more authentic presence in my daughter’s life”

It is said that when a woman gives birth to her child, she is reborn as well. I experienced this rebirth twice!

Once, was of course when I first held my daughter in my hands. The second was nearly ten months later, when I re-attended the basic and intermediate levels of Graphology- one of the many blessings of being a part of Aatman. This time, I was learning Graphology through the lens of a mother. And as I re-learned all the concepts, I also got re-introduced to the mother within me!

A comparison of my own handwriting samples before and after becoming a mother, helped in identifying core personality traits and behavioural patterns that had either changed or remained unaltered. And this gave rise to several questions-
How would I, as a mother, respond to certain parenting situations, driven by these different behavioural patterns? How would these patterns influence key decisions in parenting? Would they hamper or aid my daughter’s overall growth and well-being? In trying to find the answers to these questions, I got some wonderful insights into my personality as a mother.

Over the past three years, even as my daughter has grown into a toddler, and my active classroom learning of Graphology has reduced, I am still led towards similar questions. And even today, when I need any answers or specific insights, they come to me through the knowledge I have gained at Aatman. These insights have now become a routine, and they give an orientation to my life whenever I feel overwhelmed due to the challenges of motherhood.

At times, it simply amuses me to see some of my own annoying behavioural patterns in my daughter- those which I probably wouldn’t have spotted without the basic understanding of graphology. And so, instead of getting mad, I am able to develop a fair amount of compassion, understanding and patience towards her, and also towards me! I know it is going to be a bumpy ride, but at least now I have some navigational check-points!

This journey of re-learning has also led me towards a better understanding of my core strengths as a mother, helping me figure out my own style of parenting. Rather than emulating someone else’s style, this allows me to become a more authentic presence in her life. And as an added bonus – this also helps me channelize my energies better, so there are definitely lesser moments of the infamous ‘mommy guilt’!

In an era of information overload, you will find very few credible sources and guidelines for parenting. Even those that you do find may not be directly applicable, as every child is unique, every parent is unique, and so are the conditions in which they are raising their child. But if you learn Graphology (especially at Aatman), you may just be able to create your own personal book of guidelines!

What’s more- you will also gain some effective tools to keep updating the book with time. Now isn’t that what every new-age parent is looking for?

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