Our Services


Aatman offers full-fledged courses in Graphology at four levels. All our courses are necessarily integrated with Psychology and they are also interdisciplinary in nature. Students are exposed to connecting concepts from many subjects such as Biology, Physics, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Astrology, Mathematics etc. in order to expand their horizons of understanding.  Practical training through workshops and guest lectures are a special feature of Aatman.

Customized short courses are also available for college departments, corporate departments, organisations and institutions.  Special modules for parents and school teachers are also offered as we hold this area of application very close to our heart. Our regular training batches are held in Pune. Distance learning is also enabled for those residing outside Pune. 


Consultancy through graphology is provided to individuals, corporates and organisations from various sectors. For corporates, SMEs and sole proprietors:

·         forgery and espionage cases

·   Character assessment using graphology as a psychometric tool

·         pre-recruitment analysis

·         upper-level management promotion screening

·         logo design

For law firms and security agencies:

·         white-collar crime: forgery and espionage cases

·         civil and family court cases

·         consultancy for police investigations

Confidentiality of client is maintained at all times for consultancy of any kind.


Our counseling wing offers both career counseling as well as individual life counseling for individuals from all walks of life. Young adults in the age group of 15-30 are our special focus area and we passionately work towards helping them navigate their thoughts, emotions and the world.

Career counseling:

·         Identifying student’s aptitude

·         Identifying student’s existing skill sets

·  Counseling on possible pathways for chosen qualification and its implications

·         Counseling for behavioural self-development

·         Counseling on current market trends, governmental policies and scope of industry

·   Prospective international applicants: counseling on variety of courses, immigration rules of chosen country and required procedures.

Some combined sessions are conducted with student and parents for holistic guidance and clarity.

 Individual life counseling:

We use a blend of behavioural therapy and psychoanalysis in our counseling sessions for the following client requirements.

·         Exploring the roots of behavioural patterns

·         Assistance for depression cases

·         Empowering individuals to gain clarity on their life situations

·         Counseling for anxiety, stress and interpersonal relationship issues

·         Creating a safe place to express oneself and be heard fully

Confidentiality of client is maintained at all times as part of ethical code for counseling.