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‘Aatman’ in Sanskrit means ‘the self’ and ‘becoming one with the Universe’. We all embark upon countless individual journeys internally, each time discovering something new and hidden about our own self. With increasing knowledge of the self, we are then able to connect with greater realms and slowly but steadily also with the whole universe. 

These journeys can be arduous and exhausting but navigational sign posts and fellow travelers take away much of the pain and lighten up the journey with tons of love and laughter. Graphology, commonly known as ‘handwriting analysis’, is a psychometric tool that serves as a mirror to the subconscious mind and at Aatman, we focus on empowering each person through graphology for their own individual journeys.

Aatman began in 2011 as a hobby activity on weekends, but it soon became a contagious and overpowering passion for all those involved. This had a snowball effect which in turn led to a growing community of graphologists, trained rigorously in an autonomous and customized knowledge base and skill set influenced by international best practices. Ethics forms the basis of our practice at Aatman.


At Aatman, the human psyche and its layered connections with society are studied in depth through an intensive and fun curriculum. Aatman has now become a large community of enthusiastic graphologists and the family keeps growing every year. 

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Aatman offers full-fledged courses in Graphology at four levels. All our courses are necessarily integrated with Psychology and they are also interdisciplinary in nature.


Consultancy through graphology is provided to individuals, corporates and organisations from various sectors.For corporates, SMEs and sole proprietors


Our counseling wing offers both career counseling as well as individual life counseling for individuals from all walks of life. Young adults in the age group of 15-30 are our special focus area and we passionately work towards helping them navigate their thoughts, emotions and the world.

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Pooja Tonapi

A postgraduate in English Literature, Pooja has spent close to a decade in the banking sector. She is an avid reader, a fitness enthusiast and a passionate runner. Every now and then, you can find her running a marathon. Currently, she is focused on parenting her two kids and is enjoying relearning life their way.

Shraddha Sutar

Shraddha is a postgraduate in Health Psychology from the UK and works as a counselor within the health sector. She loves working with children and has a naturally warm and comforting presence. She loves music and dance and is always ready to spend time in nature.

Indawee Pandit

Indawee is the most unique and original young mind to come across. She breathes art and is completely consumed by it. Her exceptional abstract expressions in art, her experiments with colours and shapes and her fascinating imagination will keep you enthralled for hours together. She is unapologetically herself and big laughs are always guaranteed when she's around.

Rugved Dongre

An economics postgraduate now studying public policy, Rugved is one of the nicest guys on the block who never fails to deliver with his resourcefulness. An absolute foodie, he can surprise you with his knowledge of local food joints and he is also a talented basketball and fitness trainer. We trust him to initiate some of our best programs at Aatman.

Tanmayi Gokhale

A sociology graduate who took her love for people and travel to new heights, Tanmayi is a travel advisor and an Australia specialist. With solid work experience within the travel and hospitality industry, she has travelled to more than 10 countries, is a total foodie, loves exploring new places and cuisines and her bucket list continues to grow. When not traveling, she enjoys practicing yoga, going on hikes, and planning her next adventure.

Mugdha Shivapurkar

A clinical psychologist and a trained facilitator for Dance Movement Therapy and Visual Arts Therapy, Mugdha’s vibrant personality is hard to miss. She is deeply passionate about combining the creative arts of dance, music and writing with Psychology and is a movement enthusiast who can easily break into a dance every now and then.

Rutuja Nandanwar

A computer science graduate currently pursuing a MBA in finance, Rutuja is the most jolly and entertaining person to have around. She’s a great dancer and has an extremely contagious laugh.

Yash Sahasrabuddhe

A production engineer, Yash is an entrepreneur within the construction sector. He has great people management skills and can crack hilarious jokes with a poker face. He is also a passionate Himalayan trekker and loves sports and theater.

Monika Mande

A clinical psychologist by training, Monika currently works as a teacher and counselor. She believes in values like empathy and non-judgemental approaches while working with clients and feels strongly about reducing stigma attached to mental health in society.

Sharvari Joshi

Sharvari is an interior designer currently pursuing a masters in furniture design. A craft enthusiast who makes unique handmade products, she has a keen eye for detail and she adds vibrance to anything she picks up. She's also an avid trekker and traveller.

Aditi Kulkarni

A postgraduate in HR currently working as a sourcing specialist, Aditi has a deep interest in all things Korean. She has been learning the Korean language since 2 years and can tell you fascinating stories and trivia about Korean theatre as well. She also makes effective use of graphology as an HR professional.

Rohan Bhuskute

Rohan is a practising Advocate handling civil and criminal cases in District Court, Pune and Bombay High court. An avid sport fan, Rohan loves playing badminton and football. He enjoys meeting new people and is always up for an interesting conversation over a cup of Chai. He has sharp insights regarding the ethical practice of graphology and often lends his sound advice to Aatman on legal matters.

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